License ExamsHEADLINE

Amateur Radio Testing offered to the public
W5YI-VEC exams in Gunma, Japan
Tests third Staturday January, April, July, and October at 13:00
Walk-in exams are not held under our team at:

Maebashi #5 Community Center
3-20-26 Bunkyo-cho, Maebashi,

*If you would like, We will pick you up at JR-Maebashi St.
Please ask us about anything you don't understand.
 Test fee
$14 or \1,700(Test fee are subject to change without notice.)

An amateur passing any number of test elements in a single exam session sitting pays only the one testing fee. Retesting because of failure of an element requires another fee.
Please send the following all of them after fill out clearly.
We would answer you by postal mail, including the exam instructions.

1. The Pre-registration form

2. The examination admission card

3. Clearly Photocopy of FCC license or/and CSCE

4. Self-addressed Envelope which is easy large with enough stamps

 Pre-registration form download    Admission card download
If you have an Amateur radio License issued by FCC or any CSCE, please take the original one(s).
Applicants must show a mailing address where the U.S postal Sevice can deliver mail.
Also you have to do registration the FCC ULS, FRN, if you are NOT American nationality or not have Social Security Number before you take the exam.
Otherwise, it is not possible to take the examination because you can not prepare a necessary document.
Ask us how to get FRN or any way.

The exam pre-registration deadline is one week before the examination.

FCC guideline require that two identification documents be inspected on all applicants.
If at all possible, at least one of them should be a state driver's license WITH A PHOTOGRAPH ON IT. and Passport are taken.
If never, you might not take our examination.
Walk-in NOT available

Any question welcome.

We are planning next examination in this year as below.

1) Jan 19, 2019
2)April 20, 2019
3)July 20, 2019
4) Oct 19, 2019

All schedules and other information are subject to change without notice. Therefore, please check frequently when you make your reservation.


We announce the conducting of the examination day of next year in end of
 W5YI-VEC Gunma Team
Make up Examination by W5YI-Gunma Team

VE team Leader   : WH7P Toshi Kobayashi
Team Liaison:    : W1VX Hiro C, Miyake

E-mail to

Mail to W5YI - VEC Gunma Team
c/o Hiro Miyake 1-3-6 Asakura, Maebashi, 371-0811
 Useful site
W5YI - kyushu
Nagoya ARRL
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W5YI -VEC Gunma team

W5YI-VEC Gunma Team

c/o Hiro Miyake

1-3-6 Asakura, Maebashi, 371-0811

mail : vec(at)